Adaptation: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


In this pitch I am looking to create an adaptation of the popular book “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip. K. Dick. This book has resonated with me because of it’s exploration into the debate of ‘What Makes Us Human?’ The book follows a bounty hunter who’s job it is to ‘retire’ escaped androids who have fled from Mars to Earth illegally. The protagonist begins the book not thinking of androids as anything but objects, using an empathy test to tell apart humans from the robots. He becomes conflicted as he continues his mission when he finds instances where androids have demonstrated more human qualities than humans. He begins to feel empathy towards the androids and becomes lost in his original perspective of the world around him.

While the live action adaptation of the book follows an action packed mission to destroy rogue androids, the book delves into very philosophical questions. I am more interested in expanding on this part of the book to explore the supposed differences between the human like and the real thing.  These questions have arisen over the course of our technological advances in the century, cloning and artificial intelligence are slowly having relevance to the way we view ourselves and our purpose.

I would like to focus this film around two (ish) main characters, one human and the other an android. Rather than being a linear narrative, this film could be a look at two characters very separately slowly becoming more indistinguishable as the film progressed until the line between human and android are much more ambiguous.

For this project I would approach it using 2D Digital animation, with a sound design that reflects t he conflict between organic and artificiality that follows a similar correspondence to the film.


Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World by Werner Herzog






FURTHER – 試煉 from kai chang on Vimeo.





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