(National Geographic, august 1960 : Beijing, a pictorial record by Brian Brake)
At the time of this photo, The Communist Party of China would have been already in power.

For this pitch I have found myself drawn to this image by Brian Brake taken in then, Communist China. The appearance of repetition and the uniformity of the girls in this photo strikes me as a reminder to the political regime of the time in this country.
I am interested in the parallels between communism and sports, and how sports can be (and has been) used as injunction with collectivism, nation building and other key factors of communist society. The success of the communist nation’s athletes were an important show of the party’s strength and intelligence over the capitalist rivals.

From my own background, (as a Cuban) I am aware personally through my family’s experience of the way sports was implemented in the regime. I would like to create a film that creates a parallel to the collectivism of communism with the unity of sports. Through this film, however, I do not wish to create any propaganda towards whether this is a benefit or a negative of communism instead I would simply like to create a comparison to the two. It is up to the audience to build their own opinion, as I intend to use Soviet Montage Theory as well as use of metamorphism to utilize juxtaposing shots to create a new unique meaning. For this reason, I intend to use 2D digital animation mostly for this film. I am however interested in the use of creating my own textures like the films by Brian Smee (link)

As for Sound Design, I would like to experiment more to use less literal and finding new interesting and unusual sounds to sync up to the actions. I want to move away from finding sounds off the internet and instead creating my own sounds or collaborating with a sound designer who may have a better understanding of experimental sound.



Riordan, James. “The Impact of Communism on Sport.” Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung, vol. 32, no. 1 (119), 2007, pp. 110–115.

The Role of Sports in the Soviet Union By Tyler Benson

Totalitarianism and sport in Russia

Sport as a Soviet Tool


I can see these influences in my own experiences; as while the Soviet Union fell in the 90s, in Cuba Communism still prevails. Cuba is decorated with painted propaganda around the island, it is unmissable.



Cuba’s athletic successes is a predominate part of Cuba’s pride.



L’Œil du Cyclone from masanobu hiraoka on Vimeo.

in the sea and near a girl. from masanobu hiraoka on Vimeo.

100 Years – Armenian Genocide from 2veinte on Vimeo.

Tabasum by Isabelle Aspin & Brian Smee from Brian Smee on Vimeo.


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